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Vibrant through Light

There are many spectrums of light and they have an array of different effects on our physical, mental and emotional health. It is hard to imagine how light could have that big of an effect but if you have ever been in a foggy city and the sun has struggled to reach you for even a few days, you may be familiar with how this begins to effect the way you feel and think. On the flip side, there are more and more studies which show the ways in which light can be used to heal both physical and mental illnesses.

This article will explore Red Light Therapy which is gaining momentum in the health and wellness arena as it is such a simple way to increase wellbeing; and because red light devices are easy to use at home without needing to be a healthcare professional.

Red and Near-Infrared Light increase the body's ability to produce energy and reduce damage caused by oxidative stress; they are forms of light which are proven to reduce inflammation and have been shown to have an array of benefits; from reducing joint pain & inflammation to improving skin health and even balancing our hormones with only 10-20 minutes of exposure daily.

We can access these health giving spectrum's with simple red light devices which we can have in our homes and use as part of a daily healthcare regime and as an extra support should there be injuries or issues needing extra attention. Red & NIR therapy works by bringing balance back to your cellular functions and subsequently has different benefits for each person according to where their body is going to take in that extra support. The areas of improvement will show themselves first, in the areas that previously had an imbalance in their cellular function.

For many people this tends to appear as greater mobility and less joint pain or arthritic symptoms as the inflammation in their joints is reduced. The use of redlight during the convalescence (recovery) period can reduce the time frame needed to heal injuries and honestly it also feels amazing. A recent ligament tear in our home was supported with daily redlight alongside other natural therapies and the pain reduction after using the device was unmistakable.

Other people enjoy faster muscle recovery (and growth!!) after workouts or physical activity. What a great way to support your fitness regime and boost the effects of the hard work you do physically! And not just for those working out; anyone using their body for physical labour, this can support the translation of that effort into greater muscle growth.

The improvement of skin health is something that many people notice once using red light therapy. The collagen production can be increased which reduces signs of ageing, skin and pigmentation issues can be reduced and the skin is often said to have a healthier glow to it-this is explainable through the understanding of the cellular rejuvenation.

Finally, sleep quality is also positively effected as the circadian rhythm is supported by the improved cellular function. As the body is coming back into balance, so too are all of its processes-healthy sleep being one of the main pillars of vibrant health. For more info on sleep, see our post The Fire of Life, the Light of Health.

As we have enjoyed the benefits of Red light therapy for a number of years, we have partnered with Blockbluelight to offer our readers 10% off any of their products. Just enter the code Naturalinspiration.

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