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Fire of Life...Light of Health

Our use of language often reveals deeper meanings without us even noticing. We speak of 'The fire of life' or having 'fire in your belly', even to 'burn' for something but how much importance do we really attach to the element of fire?

Under Fire within the context of this website we are referencing the great fire of the Sun and exploring how the light of this fire is full of nourishment and health. Important is getting the balance of the how, where and when we are exposed to certain rays of light.

The Sun gives us the impulse to awaken as the rays of light reach our eyelids and this tells the brain to drop off the melatonin and switch for the hormones we need to become awake and focussed. The Sun produces a full spectrum light and this is what we need during the day.

On the other hand; as the sun goes down and we slowly reach darkness; the body begins to feel the effects of Melatonin once more, becoming sleepy and eventually falling asleep. The melatonin is only produced once the bright daylight dwindles and our body knows this as the signifier of time to sleep.

A perfect system.

Where we get into trouble in todays society is the bombardment of arteficial light via bright LED lighting within our homes, and of course the constant eye contact with screens which are exposing our eyes to bluelight which inhibits the production of melatonin.

Ever wondered how you can sit in front of a screen in the evening, slowly feeling the strain in your eyes (due to both the exposure to this harsh, blue light as well as the natural fatigue), then once you are in bed you cannot seem to fall asleep?! This is because of this effect and it takes a number of hours for the body to reestablish the necessary levels of melatonin for you to fall asleep; in particular for you to be able to reach the deeper levels of sleep-much needed for repair and recovery.

We can support ourselves by avoiding the screens for 2 hours before bedtime or by investing in blueblocking glasses, or the app FLUX which adapts your screen to block the bluelight; thus giving it a yellow tinge (this does take some getting used to but is worth it).

However not only our eyes are effected as there are receptors in our skin so we need to be mindful of the lighting within our home. Oldschool incandescent lightglobes are far lower in bluelight spectrum waves than the new LED or halogen lightgobes (though getting increasingly difficult to find). Salt lamps and candlelight are asthetically pleasing and will give your home a warm glow, however all of these options are unfortuantely not bright enough to really get much done in the evening. And even those trying to slow life down a little, may find that they want the evening to be a productive time.

We have improved our home by using biolights in the main spaces. These globes change between spectrums; allowing for the bright lighting to be used during the day in our rather dark lounge, but flicking over to a yellow light at dinner time and the orange once we start getting ready for bed. Redlight sensors grace the hallway so that late night toilet trips are not disturbing to the rest of the nights sleep. In the bedrooms; which in our home are bright enough to not need lighting during the day, we have chosen to only fit the blueblocking lights (over the full spectrum) as this also removes the childrens ability to 'accidentally' turn on the bright light and inhibit their sleep for further hours. I could (and will!) write a whole article on how these steps, alongside a few others shifted our bouncyball cbildren into a healthier state and created a better relationship between them and sleep...saving our sanity when it was on the brink;)

And as a final tip for supporting sleep-getting out in the sunlight during the day is such a crucial aspect. Free and often overlooked, the exposure to healthy levels of sun (and at optimal times, especially in the morning) is a wonderful boost for our health. For further reading check out the article below.

As we have been using the Blockblue products for many years, we decided to partner with them and if you decide to purchase any of their products you can enter NaturalInspiration as a code to receive 10% off.

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