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✓ 72 Ionic tracer minerals and micro-elements

✓ Liquid for fast absorption

✓ Made in the USA, NSF Certified

✓ No additives, sugar, or acid

✓ Gluten-free

✓ Vegan-friendly





Potassium is an essential mineral vital for muscle activity. it regulates nerve signals from the brain and spinal column to muscles, thus promoting healthy neuromuscular function. It also promotes proper fluid balance in the body and helps to attract nutrients into cells.



Sodium is needed for blood regulation. As an electrolyte, it regulates the bodily fluids and transmits electrical impulses in the body. This element helps cells retain water and prevents dehydration. Sodium also enables ATP generation.



Calcium is an essential mineral providing the building blocks to keep bones and teeth strong and healthy. In addition, calcium helps to support the health of other systems in the body, includingthemusculoskeletal and nervous systems.



Magnesium, along with ATP, supports cellular energy metabolism, supports nerve and muscle function, and helps regulate calcium transport and absorption for optimal bone mineralization.



Zinc promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, and promotes the synthesis of collagen in bone tissue. It also supports cell growth, DNA formation, and a healthy immune system.In addition, it exerts antioxidant activity.



In our body, about 70% of iron is found in hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is the primary transporter of oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues, while myoglobin is in muscle cells, and makes acceptance, storage, transportation, and release of oxygen possible in them.Up to 25% of the body’s iron is stored in Ferritin, which is present in the cells. Ferritin can store up to three years’ worth of iron supplementation for men, but only about one year’s worth for women, which is why anemia is more common in females. The role and importance of this mineral cannot be underestimated, primarily because its deficiency is unpleasant and dangerous.



Iodine is vital for the metabolic processes and development of the body. it also helps in calories utilization and removal of toxins.


Selenium booststhe strength of the immune system and hair health, helpsin preventing cancer, reducesthe signs of premature aging, balanceshormones,and muchmore.



Silica is required for strong and flexible joints, glowing skin, and stronger bones. It also helps absorb vitamin D, glucosamine, and calcium.


Bicarbonate helps balance the acidity level in the blode and cure, which helps in maintaining health and improvement in physical activities performance.



Sulfur plays important roles in hundreds of physiological processes from youthful skin and joints through boosting the immune system.



Chloride is an essential component of the digestive juices and an important electrolyte mineral that helps maintain body fluids balance.


MAYU Minerals Drops

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  • Contains: Magnesium, Chloride, and (Low) Sodium and 72 Organic Ionic Trace Minerals mixed in varying amounts. 

    All-Natural: no added preservatives, flavors, sugar, or sweeteners. Non-GMO. Gluten-Free.

    Borosilicate Glass Dropper: infuse 8 drops (0.4ml) to 34 Oz (1 Liter) of water

    Volume: 1 Fl Oz / 30 mL. Essential minerals supply for 15 Gallon (60 Liter)

    Dimensions‏: ‎ 1.18 x 1.18 x 3.94 inches; 3.21 Ounces

    Made in: the USA in an NSF Certified Manufacturing Facility.

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